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Come join a discussion led by a representative from the Worship and Ministry committee concerning the Spiritual State of the Meeting. Participants are encouraged to share a summary of their committees' actions and accomplishments this year, as well as other events of note for our Meeting.

Posted on 12/13/2017 by Leada Dietz

At First Day School 12/10, 9:20 am, Brent Sullivan, clerk of Peace and Social Action Committee, will lead a discussion about Friends Committee on National Legislation and Houston Peace and Justice Center--what these groups do and why we support them financially. This is part of an ongoing series looking at the peace and social justice organizations the meeting supports financially. More information at http://fcnl.org and http://hpjc.org

Posted on 12/6/2017 by Leada Dietz

Our Friend and long time member of Live Oak Friends Meeting, Jann Barr, passed away on September 28th in Michigan. Please help notify those outside the LOFM community.
Jann loved bright colors, such as fuchsia, bright pink, and purple; so, if you have those colors in your wardrobe please wear them in her honor. She also loved butterflies, and often wore costume jewelry featuring butterflies. If you have anything featuring butterflies that could be used to temporarily to decorate the meeting house, please bring those too.

Posted on 12/5/2017 by Leada Dietz

As a final wrap-up for the Saturday retreat, "Let the Light Shine," Bob and MaryBeth will facilitate the Adult First Day School at 9:20 AM on Sunday morning, Dec. 3. This will be a time of summary and further reflection on the Light.

Posted on 12/2/2017 by Leada Dietz

Come celebrate Buy Nothing Day, the antidote to Black Friday, at the Meetinghouse the day after Thanksgiving from 1-4 pm. And bring a bit of left over Thanksgiving fare to share. More details on our FB page at https://www.facebook.com/events/1967128263503258/

Posted on 11/20/2017 by Leada Dietz

We will be blessed by the presentation by Sarah Junkin Woodard from Jubilee House Community, Inc. and the Center for Development in Central America. She will be sharing stories and crafts from her work with the people of Nicaragua. The CDCA focuses on justice now and works to help communities become self sustaining and democratic.


Posted on 11/15/2017 by Leada Dietz

Karen Gregorio, Latin American Coordinator of Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) will talk about the work of FWCC and Friends in her home country of Guatemala.

Posted on 11/8/2017 by Leada Dietz

We will gather at Kraftsman Bakery (http://www.kraftsmenbaking.com/) after Early Meeting (around 9:30) Sunday, November 12th, to enjoy each other's company, socialize and probably partake of some of their food and beverages.

Posted on 11/7/2017 by Leada Dietz

The Sense of the Meeting. Lidney Molnari and David Wilcox will lead a discussion on this Quaker concept used by The Meeting for arriving at a decision.

Posted on 11/3/2017 by Leada Dietz