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Automatic payment contributions to LOFM

By Bette Drexler - Posted on December 17 2009

Are you able to plan a regular amount to contribute and have it withdrawn from your account automatically every month? Would you like to avoid the hassle of writing paper checks, looking up the treasurer's address, and then finding you are out of stamps? Would you like to save 42 cents? Would you like to help our treasurer by making your contributions in the simplest way possible, making her job easier and saving trips to the bank on her motorcycle to make deposits? Automatic withdrawal is available for your contributions to Live Oak Friends Meeting. The treasurer will thank you.

To initiate this service, the treasurer needs a voided check from your account, showing the account number, the name on the account, and the routing number of your bank. Fill out the check with the amount you would like your monthly withdrawals to be and fill out the day of the month on which you would like the withdrawal to occur. Then write "VOID" across the check and give it to Treasurer. You can leave it in the contribution box.
You say you want to earmark your contribution as one half for Operating and one half for Construction? You can do that. Just send Susan a note [] telling her in which fund(s) to distribute your donation, or write it on your voided check. If nothing is specified, the full amount of your contribution will be deposited in the Operating Fund.