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 Dr. Eugene Boisaubin will be speaking at LOFM the next two Wednesday nights a during mid-week Meeting to discuss the ethics of end of life issues. 7-8 PM July 27 and Aug. 3. The public is invited.

Posted on 7/26/2011 by Patrick Brooks

"In fact, there is no such thing as 'mysticism' that one can aspire to. There are only mystical experiences." Come check it out! Ruth will do a short presentation followed by discussion.

Posted on 6/6/2011 by Susan Long

Movie Night at Live Oak Friends! Saturday, June 11, 7 pm. Childcare provided; please RSVP to kimbernelson@prodigy.net. Contributions to benefit earthquake survivors in Japan via Japanese Society of Friends: See one of the most powerful anti-war movies ever made. A Masterpiece of Animation: “Grave of the Fireflies” (火垂るの墓, Hotaru no Haka) is a 1988 Japanese animated war drama film written and directed by Isao Takahata.

Two orphans fight for survival in post-World War II Japan. But society is harsh and they come to the somber conclusion that they can neither escape the hardships of war nor find enough food to survive.

Roger Ebert called it "an emotional experience so powerful that it forces a rethinking of animation."

Animation historian Ernest Rister compares the film to “Schindler's List” and says, "It is the most profoundly human animated film I've ever seen.”

Not recommended for children under 12, due to the intensity of the orphans’ suffering.
Best Animated Feature, 1994 Chicago International Children's Film Festival

Posted on 5/31/2011 by Susan Long

The Houston Peace Festival presents "An Evening of Acoustic Melodies" featuring award winning singer/songwriters Liz Longley and Robby Hecht.  
The Washington Post has said "This voice won't stay small long". Liz Longley recently received the first place award for the BMI John Lennon Scholarship and the Grand Prize International Acoustic Music Award.  Hear her music, read her bio, see phots and learn more about Liz at www.lizlongley.com
The music of Robby Hecht represents a return to the early 70's golden era of acoustic pop.  The Nashville Scene says Robby has "fine textures, fetching melodies and sifted-smooth lyrics".  Robby Hecht is recently winner of the Telluride Bluegrass Troubadour Contest.  Hear his music, read his bio, see photos and learn more about Robby at www.robbyhecht.com
"An Evening of Acoustic Melodies" featuring Liz Longley and Robby Hecht is Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 7PM located at Live Oak Friends Meeting 1318 W 26Th St.  For more information go to call 832-466-1342. 
This is a fundraiser for the Houston Peace Festival 2012.  A suggested donation of $10 is greatly appreciated and 50% of the donations will be paid to the musicians. 

Posted on 5/23/2011 by Lidney Molnari

This message is forwarded from the Peace Studies  Librarians listserv:
On May 15th a new web site and database on the history of Civilian Public Service (alternative service for US WWII conscientious objectors), was launched.  This project is co-sponsored by the Mennonite Central Committee and the Center on Conscience and War.  The database lists all 12,000 COs who served in CPS, with information about religious affiliation, camp service, occupation before CPS, etc.  Visitors to the site may also search for information by camp (there were over 150 camps across the US and Puerto Rico).  The information in the database on individual men comes from several paper published directories, the first published in 1947, then several updated versions in the 1990s.

WWII COs in CPS staffed national and state parks, worked on dairy farms, served as smoke jumpers putting out forest fires, volunteered as human guinea pigs for medical experiments, and worked as attendants in hospitals for the mentally ill.  Many went on to work in European relief efforts after the war, and many also continued as peace activists throughout the second half of the 20th century.

The URL is www.civilianpublicservice.org  The web site will continue to be updated and developed.

Wendy E. Chmielewski, PhD.
George R. Cooley Curator
Swarthmore College Peace Collection
500 College Avenue
Swarthmore, Pennsylvania  19081

Posted on 5/23/2011 by Karen Vargas

Peace Fest is almost upon us.
Full details here

Posted on 4/28/2011 by Patrick Brooks

To expand on the excitement of the Peace Festival, the Outreach Committee will host an Open House on Friday, May 20, following the Peace Festival, to tie in with the regularly-scheduled Sky Space Viewing. The Welcome table will be set up in the foyer, light refreshments will beserved, and a few Friends will be asked to give brief remarks on the Quaker traditions, LOFM and some of our programs. The event will be publicized to the general public and other interested audiences on KPFT, Facebook and the LOFM website.


Posted on 4/18/2011 by Susan Long

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Watch these feeds for cool LOFM news, like pictures and news of upcoming events!

Posted on 4/12/2011 by Susan Long

UPDATE: All client login and access problems have been solved. If you have any issues please use the contact form to bring them to the webmaster's attention. Thanks, Patrick

Posted on 4/7/2011 by Patrick Brooks

When: March 4th
Time: 7:30 - 9:00pm
Location: 1318 W 26th St, Houston, TX
Benefit Concert:
This concert is a benefit for the Houston Peace Festival at Live Oak Friends Meeting featuring Edmunds Evans Band with special guest Keegan Daleo.  Visit the Edmund Evans Band on myspace and their website at http://www.myspace.com/edmundevans and http://edmundevans.tumblr.com/
About Edmund Evans Band:
Edmund Evans is a folk pop duo from Houston, TX formed by Aaron Kaufman and Tricia Fox.  Aaron and Tricia are both established performers and writers on their own, but together they have a comfort and intimacy that comes through in their performances.  Their sound is delicate, highlighting their beautiful harmonies with interwoven guitar lines.  While their songwriting swings from the rawness of folk to the more melodic hooks of pop, it retains a comforting honesty at its core.

Posted on 2/23/2011 by Lidney Molnari