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Posted on 1/4/2010 by Webmaster

Are you able to plan a regular amount to contribute and have it withdrawn from your account automatically every month? Would you like to avoid the hassle of writing paper checks, looking up the treasurer's address, and then finding you are out of stamps? Would you like to save 42 cents? Would you like to help our treasurer by making your contributions in the simplest way possible, making her job easier and saving trips to the bank on her motorcycle to make deposits? Automatic withdrawal is available for your contributions to Live Oak Friends Meeting. The treasurer will thank you.

To initiate this service, the treasurer needs a voided check from your account, showing the account number, the name on the account, and the routing number of your bank. Fill out the check with the amount you would like your monthly withdrawals to be and fill out the day of the month on which you would like the withdrawal to occur. Then write "VOID" across the check and give it to Treasurer. You can leave it in the contribution box.
You say you want to earmark your contribution as one half for Operating and one half for Construction? You can do that. Just send Susan a note [slongyah@yahoo.com] telling her in which fund(s) to distribute your donation, or write it on your voided check. If nothing is specified, the full amount of your contribution will be deposited in the Operating Fund.

Posted on 12/17/2009 by Bette Drexler

Live Oak Friends Meeting hosts a special evening of music and worship!

  • 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.: Caroling around the Neighborhood (If you wish to join us, come to the Meeting House with a flashlight. Neighbors in our community will be invited to turn on their porch lights to attract carolers!)
  • 7:00 p.m. -7:30 p.m.: Refreshments at the Meeting House (E-mail or call Leslie Cauffman to let her know if you’re able to help with food preparations. We’ll need some small sandwhiches or other healthy finger foods for hungry carolers.)
  • 7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.: Candlelighting/Worship

Please see this flyer. All are welcome!

Posted on 12/6/2009 by Webmaster

See the job posting for the FCNL Executive Secretary at the FCNL website.


Posted on 12/6/2009 by Webmaster

The Wheel of Nonviolence was introduced to members and attenders during a First Day School presentation, “A Quaker’s View of Gandhi’s Approach to Nonviolence,” by Victoria Albright on November 21.

 Of those in attendance, nine have already committed to the 12-week worship-sharing and action series. We have room for up to 30 individuals and hope that Friends will consider participating, if so led. The following description is provided for those who were unable to attend:

Our Meeting is filled with individuals who are doing positive work in many areas of their lives – personally, with their family, within the Meeting, as volunteers, and professionally. Yet what many of us seem to lack is a powerful over-arching vision within which all the pieces of our life fit.    There is another, often missing, aspect to our search for meaning and service; that is, the desire to know that the work we are doing is part of something larger, part of a combined effort that is creating a positive change in the world.
This personal and social change model, developed by Chris Moore-Backman (a Quaker and student of Gandhi’s teachings), was inspired by Gandhi’s three-fold approach to nonviolence:   1) personal transformation, 2) constructive program (community and social uplift/renewal), and 3) political action. It was designed to be studied and explored both individually and collectively. As a community, we will learn that each of us has strengths and weaknesses, but that an empowering balance can be created through mutual encouragement and the sharing of our knowledge and strengths with each other.
 This series is sponsored by the Peace and Social Action and Earthcare Witness Committees.   The location will be determined by each group.   Regular attendance is requested. Call or email Victoria to enroll (albrightv@yahoo.com Download Adult Education Series for 2010).
The dates and times are:
Tuesday            7-9pm      Jan 12,19,26       Feb 2,9,16,23      Mar 2,9,16,23,30
Saturday                4-6pm      Jan 9,16,23,30    Feb 6,13,20,27    Mar 6,13,20,27
Thursday             7-9pm                  Feb 4,11,18,25    Mar 4,11,18,25    Apr 1,8,15,22


Posted on 12/6/2009 by Webmaster