Announcements / Adult First Day School 1/29/17: "The Journey to Elderhood"

Adult First Day School 1/29/17: "The Journey to Elderhood"

By Leada Dietz - Posted on January 24 2017


First of a monthly series of discussions on the fourth Sunday of each month so long as there is interest. Dr. Bob Stecker and MaryBeth Smith will co-facilitate. It is open to people of all ages. What's the difference between those who become elderly, and those who become Elders? How can we support our Elders and learn from their wisdom? How do Elders function within their communities and in society at large? Dr. Bob has years of experience in counseling families and individuals as they face important life transitions. The transition to being an Elder can be a dynamic and fulfilling process. Dr. Bob has recent and personal experience with the various issues faced by adult children and their chronologically-enhanced parents. Opportunities for meaningful dialog arise when these loved ones can share - what it's like to grow older - what you would like to share with those who come after you - how to make your desires - and expectations - known - how to adapt to changing physical and mental faculties and much more. Join us and learn how to follow the Inner Light to grow into your own individual elderhood.