Announcements / Adult First-day School, Dec 15: Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO): Part 2

Adult First-day School, Dec 15: Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO): Part 2

By Claude Rubinson - Posted on December 03 2014

Please join us for First Day School on December 15 for the continuation of important discussion about the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO).
In September, LOFM First Day School hosted a panel of activists who were actively involved with the approval by Houston City Council of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO). That presentation was focused on each panel member's personal story and commitment to equal rights: a city council member who was one of the leads, several members of the transgender community, and straight allies. Of course we only made a beginning in the time allotted.
Panel members and listeners alike expressed the desire for another presentation where the audience could ask questions. That program will take place on December 15 at LOFM, from 9:20 -10:15 a.m.
Although HERO was passed by City Council on May 28, 2014the ordinance is still not in effect.  ALL Houstonians are protected by this ordinance, while fifteen classes of people are specifically protected.
However, one named class,  "Gender Identity" (transgender individuals), have been the major focus of the hysteria, hatred, and misinformation disseminated by those who oppose the ordinance. That is why members of the transgender community, rather than people from other protected classes, were invited to participate on the panel.
Opponents have filed a lawsuit to block implementation of HERO. Come to learn how to be an effective ally for those who experience inequality in our city.
Want to know more? Equality Resources Spreadsheet <>
For more information, contact MaryBeth Smith at 713.622.8794 OR move [at] houstonfeldenkrais [dot] com