Announcements / AVP workshop Sept. 30 - Oct 2, 2016 at LOFM

AVP workshop Sept. 30 - Oct 2, 2016 at LOFM

By Kevin King - Posted on June 11 2016

 AVP is dedicated to reducing violence: on the streets, at work, in schools, in homes, and in relationships everywhere
 AVP provides tools for creative, nonviolent resolution to conflicts used by peace workers such as Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jesus of Nazareth, and many others
The Basic AVP Workshop is fun and empowers personal growth—an interactive, intensive, 2½-day experience that hones interpersonal conflict-resolution skills. Experiential exercises, small groups, and one-to-one interactions build community and trust around the themes of:

  • Affirmation & Self Esteem
  • Communication & Cooperation
  • Creative Conflict Resolution

Mission Statement: AVP is an all-volunteer organization offering experiential workshops that empower individuals to liberate themselves and others from the burden of violence. Our fundamental belief is that there is a “power for peace” in everyone, and that this power works through individuals who are open to it to transform violence to nonviolence. AVP builds on a spiritual base of respect and caring for self and others.

  • Workshop    Day         Hours             Location for all sessions:
  • Schedule  Fri   9/30  7 pm to 10 pm  Live Oak Friends Meeting  
  •                  Sat  10/1  9 am to 9 pm    1318 West 26th Street
  •                  Sun 10/2  1 pm to 5 pm    Houston TX 77008

Registration Fee: $75.00, or whatever you can afford (no charge for students). Scholarship grants for this fee are readily available. The fee includes light meals (lunch and supper on Saturday, and supper on Sunday). There will be optional vegetarian dishes, and please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.
Accommodations: If you are coming from a distance, we can arrange for hospitality in the home of a member of the Houston Friends Meeting.
Please register now. The workshop is limited to 20 participants.
To hold your spot we ask for a deposit of $25.00. Checks to AVP Texas, please. The registrar is Kevin King. Kindly call 713 two zero six 8072 or email kcking99 - at -
Workshop - meeting address is on the LOFM website: