Announcements / Candlelighting for Peace, Sunday, Oct 4, 6 pm

Candlelighting for Peace, Sunday, Oct 4, 6 pm

By Kimberly Nelson - Posted on September 30 2015

 At Miller Outdoor Theater:  As the grand finale to Mahatma Gandhi Week, 1000 Lights for Peace features a multi-cultural, international dance and music show by children. The program starts with a 5K Walk for Peace In collaboration with more than 75 organizations, Mahatma Gandhi Week (MG Week) is celebrated each year around October 2nd, his birthday. The week is actually a one month period of activities including essay, speech, poster, and debate contests, field trips, storytelling, and other activities with the simple aim of involving youth in understanding the work of Mahatma Gandhi. 
Assemble at Jones Plaza 5:45 PM; Walk starts at 6:00 sharp.  After returning to Jones Plaza, awards ceremony and international festival of music and dance begins at 7 PM and will run till about 9 PM. Please register at the Mahatma Gandhi website or arrive early at the registration desk on Jones Plaza (from 3:30 on).

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