Announcements / Entitlement


By Mark Herranen - Posted on July 23 2015

 Sunday, July 26, Adult First Day School will host a presentation on entitlement by George Baker.
 In the Quaker tradition, equality is a fundamental principle of its social teachings and theology.  Men and women are equal before God, and equal before each other as children of God.  Such a belief is at the heart of the radical simplicity that has marked the social customs, architecture and (in earlier centuries) dress of Friends.  That said, to live the principle of equality is to overcome barriers of wealth, education, race, gender, age, faith, physical appearance, sexual orientation, accent, and dozens of other ways to discriminate.  One way to refer to such barriers is to think of each as a personal entitlement, most of which are so much a part of mainstream culture as to be invisible.  Entitlement is the way prejudice is experienced.  The first action that is possible is to bring these prejudices/entitlements into conscious awareness.  We will explore these topics on Sunday, 9:20--10:20 a.m. in The Meeting House.  All are welcome.