Announcements / Feb 20: Big website changes

Feb 20: Big website changes

By Susan Long - Posted on February 11 2010

On February 20, we will be switching over to a new version of the LOFM website. The new website will allow the clerks to add content, such as committee minutes, to the website without going through the webmaster. Also, we will be implementing individual userid/passwords for more security.
On February 20, when we make the swtch, everyone will get an email letting them know what their userid will be, with instructions for setting a password. You will need to do this in order to access the private content, such as the newsletters and directory.
If your e-mail address in the directory is not correct, please let us know ( before February 20 so that we can correct it.
If you need more help or support through this transition, please don't hesitate to ask! Jeff Fox, Zoe McCoy, Patrick Brooks, and Susan Long are available to help.
For a more detailed description of the changes - see the attached document.

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