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Greeters needed

By Peg Nosek - Posted on January 06 2013

The Outreach Committee is looking for friendly souls who would be willing to devote one Sunday morning in the next three months to serve as greeter before the 10:30 Meeting for Worship. This involves:
– smiling a lot,
– holding the door open,
– saying "Welcome," "Howdy," "Come on in," or something like that when people enter,
– directing newcomers to the name tag stickers and Quaker information rack,
– closing the doors to the worship space at 10:30 and staying in the Mott Room to continue greeting,
– opening the doors to the worship space at 10:50 so late comers can enter.

It's really not very hard and some even say it's fun!

If you are interested, please send an email to Peg Nosek at