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How to make an in-kind donation to LOFM

By Susan Long - Posted on November 09 2010

In-kind donations to LOFM are welcome. There are two kinds of in-kind donations:

  • Those in which the person buys something on behalf of LOFM and does not expect reimbursement. An example would be a first-day school teacher who buys supplies for class but considers them a donation. For these kinds of donations, we would still like to record them so that the donor can get credit for the donations, and also we know what expenses are undertaken to support our programs. To report such a donation, please use the reimbursement form available under "procedures and forms"  to report the donation: describe the expense and attach the receipt, but make a note that you want it treated as an in-kind donation. 
  • Those in which the person donates used property to LOFM for its use: such as furniture or equipment. For this kind of donation, please email the Treasurer with a description of the property, and the Treasurer will send you an acknowledgement of your donation, which you can then use to deduct the value of the property from your income for your taxes.
    Please also note that if you want to donate property, please don't just leave it at the Meeting House: discuss it with the Committee involved (such as Property or Hospitality) to see if LOFM can use the property and is willing to accept it. Sometimes people leave property at the Meeting House thinking it can be used, but if the committees don't know where it came from or what it's for, they will discard it.