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New Web Site on Civilian Public Service

By Karen Vargas - Posted on May 23 2011

This message is forwarded from the Peace Studies  Librarians listserv:
On May 15th a new web site and database on the history of Civilian Public Service (alternative service for US WWII conscientious objectors), was launched.  This project is co-sponsored by the Mennonite Central Committee and the Center on Conscience and War.  The database lists all 12,000 COs who served in CPS, with information about religious affiliation, camp service, occupation before CPS, etc.  Visitors to the site may also search for information by camp (there were over 150 camps across the US and Puerto Rico).  The information in the database on individual men comes from several paper published directories, the first published in 1947, then several updated versions in the 1990s.

WWII COs in CPS staffed national and state parks, worked on dairy farms, served as smoke jumpers putting out forest fires, volunteered as human guinea pigs for medical experiments, and worked as attendants in hospitals for the mentally ill.  Many went on to work in European relief efforts after the war, and many also continued as peace activists throughout the second half of the 20th century.

The URL is  The web site will continue to be updated and developed.

Wendy E. Chmielewski, PhD.
George R. Cooley Curator
Swarthmore College Peace Collection
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