Announcements / Oct 30: Adult First Day School topic: Meeting for Learning

Oct 30: Adult First Day School topic: Meeting for Learning

By Bette Drexler - Posted on October 26 2011

 Parker Palmer, author and former Dean of Studies at Pendle Hill, wrote about another kind of worshipful meeting -  "Meeting for Learning". Such a meeting is held as preparation for discernment by a community; no decisions are made, although a topic which will be considered in a later business meeting is often the subject.
                  In such a meeting, three entities come together: the teacher, the student, and the “third thing”.  These three change continuously throughout the meeting; the teacher becoming the student, the student becoming the teacher, and the ‘third thing’ evolving into whatever the collective discovers it is. “The ‘third thing’ mediates the relation between selves. It saves the dialogue from being a simple sharing of subjectives.”
                  In preparation, the teacher comes to the “meeting” with expert resources on the subject, but the real job is to nurture and encourage the expertise of others. The teacher must also help build a group which can be trusted by its members, so that they can find the truth that is beyond all their devices and agendas.