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Warehouse Fundraising Campaign Status

By Susan Long - Posted on May 08 2012

Friends, Larry Marcotte tells me that so far 16 people have pledged a total of $43,200 towards the $100,000 we need to raise in capital for the challenge grant of $50,000. In two weeks! We haven't heard from everybody though. We are almost half-way. If we haven't heard from you, please email Larry to make a pledge towards the $100,000. We will only collect the money in the event that we decide to purchase, and actually make a deal, on the warehouse property. 
In addition, we have gotten a positive response from the Friends Meeting House Fund on our application for a mortgage, to be used in the event we decide to purchase the warehouse property. It is not a "yes" but a favorable response and a request for some more detailed information. 
Susan Long