Thank you for all whom have expressed their concern and desire to help with relief for those suffering from hurricane Harvey and the widespread flooding.  We are grateful that our meetinghouse was unharmed and remained high and dry. Other Houston Friends have not been so fortunate. Friendswood Friends Church has been flooded as well as many of their members' homes. Bayshore Friends Church in Baycliff, Lighthouse Fellowship of Friends in League City, and Friends Community Church in Angleton have also been affected. If you or someone you know wants to help with clean up, please contact Molly Black at 832-860-0992. 
If you would like to contribute toward hurricane relief, you may send your check to Live Oak Friends Meeting, 1318 W. 26th St., Houston, TX 77008, noting "Fund for Sufferings, hurricane relief" on the check.  Or, you may contribute on this website through Paypal. Be sure to specify "Fund for Sufferings, hurricane relief" in the "add a note" section on the Paypal donation form.
Our Care and Concern Committee will see that contributions are used in the most effective way possible. - Jimmy Pryor, Treasurer, Live Oak Friends Meeting.



We are a culturally open,  inclusive, family oriented community, with attenders from diverse spiritual and social backgrounds.  All are welcome to worship with us.  We are also seekers who meet in silent worship expecting to experience direct communion with God, the divine Spirit that infuses all life.  A fundamental Quaker belief is that there is "that of God in everyone." We strive to remain mindful of this, listening and looking for and responding to ‘that of God’ in each other in our daily interactions.  We also seek to conduct our lives according to the Quaker testimonies of integrity, equality, simplicity, and peace. 

For more information about Quakers and Live Oak Friends Meeting in particular, please click here.

The Meeting was founded in 1954, and has been growing ever since. Our meetinghouse is the conception of James Turrell, a well-known artist who is also a Quaker. The architect is Leslie Elkins. Many generous donors from Houston, around the world, and within the Meeting helped us fund the meetinghouse.

The Meeting has about 75 attenders each week (plus or minus). Child care is provided. We have programs for both adult and children's religious education in addition to Meeting for Worship. Live Oak Friends Meeting is affiliated with Bayou Quarterly Meeting, South Central Yearly Meeting, and Friends General Conference.


Dr. Bob Stecker returns to First Day School on 9/24 to continue the series, "Journey to Elderhood." The focus of the discussion will be "Downsizing." As people age, frequently they move to smaller quarters and release a lifetime's worth of accumulated possessions Additionally, our social contacts and relationships may gradually decrease in numbers, as friends move away, or we relocate to be closer to family. We also lose some significant relationships through death. In the face of these voluntary and involuntary losses, what is our response? What can we aspire to, in the face of loss and new opportunities?

Posted 9/21/2017

Bob Stecker, MaryBeth Smith and Lidney Molnari will facilitate the discussion about what we can do as individuals and as a community to help.

Posted 9/15/2017

AVP Basic Workshop
The Alternaves to Violence Project
Ocotober 20 -22

Posted 9/11/2017

Discussion will be based on one or more Advices in the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting's Faith and Practice book.

Posted 9/8/2017