We are a community of seekers. Quakers have no dogma or creed. A fundamental Quaker belief is that there is "that of God in everyone." For more information about Quakers and Live Oak Friends Meeting in particular, please click here.

The Meeting was founded in 1954, and has been growing ever since. Our meetinghouse is the conception of James Turrell, a well-known artist who is also a Quaker. The architect is Leslie Elkins. Many generous donors from Houston, around the world, and within the Meeting helped us fund the meetinghouse.

The Meeting has about 75 attenders each week (plus or minus). Child care is provided. We have programs for both adult and children's religious education in addition to Meeting for Worship. Live Oak Friends Meeting is affiliated with Bayou Quarterly Meeting.

Live Oak Friends Meeting affirms that of God in everyone, and welcomes all those in loving relationships.

Skyspace viewings are cancelled until further notice pending repairs.

We regret any inconvenience that this may cause.

Posted 9/3/2013

 Ray Hill, former host of KPFT Prison Show, will lead a discussion in Adult First Day School this Sunday, April 13.

Posted 4/10/2014

 Sunday, April 6 Adult First Day School will host the Seekers Gathering, which is a discussion group concerning any questions one may have about our faith and practice.

Posted 4/5/2014

 Adult First Day School this Sunday, March 30, will host Laua Holiday presenting on the Quaker Institue of the Future.  9:20 a.m.--10:20 a.m..  All are welcome.

Posted 3/28/2014

Sunday, March 23, Adult First Day School presents Mark Herranen leading a discussion on a Pendle Hill pamplet by an attender of a Friends meeting who compares our faith and practice to the liturgic

Posted 3/19/2014