How to support Live Oak Friends Meeting

Six Ways to Donate or Make a Rental Payment to Live Oak Friends Meeting

All of the following may be used for donations and meetinghouse rental payments. Please tell us what your donation or payment is for, such as "Donation", "General fund", "Construction Fund", or if for building use, "Smith-Jones Wedding on 5/1/18", "Concert on 6/1/18".

(1) Zelle Online Payment. This option is the easiest for you and LOFM if your bank uses Zelle; no paperwork is involved. Banks including Amegy, Bank of America, Chase, and many more offer Zelle as a free electronic payment service. You can set up to make one time payment or recurring payments (such as monthly) at no charge to you or LOFM. Send Zelle payments to

(2) Bank Draft Authorization. This option is the easiest and most secure for all concerned. You authorize us to draft (charge) your bank account directly. This is good for a one-time payment or a recurring donation (such as monthly). Fill out this form and (a) mail it to: Treasurer, LOFM, 1318 W. 26th St, Houston, TX 77008, (b) send it by secure email or (c) as a password protected file to Then text or call the treasurer with the password at (832) 640-5279.

(3) Have your bank send us a check on a regular basis. (Or just once.) If you have online banking, you can do this by logging into your account, going to Payments, add a Payee (Live Oak Friends Meeting, 1318 W 26th Street, Houston. TX 77008), scheduling a one-time or a recurring payment for the dates and amount of your choosing. Your bank will then mail us a check.

(4) PayPal, debit or credit card. This can be used for a one-time or a recurring donation. You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to pay with a debit or credit card. Click on the button below and follow the instructions. Keep in mind that PayPal charges us about 2.5% of each transaction.

Click to Donate

(5) Mail a check to Live Oak Friends Meeting, 1318 W. 26th Street, Houston, Texas 77008.

(6) Leave your check in the donation box at the meetinghouse or hand it to the treasurer.