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History of the Meeting

Live Oak Friends Meeting began in 1954 in the home of Walter and Myra Whitson, when a small group of seekers began to hold Meetings for Worship in private homes. Over the years we have met in a number of different locations, including the old Jewish Community Center, where we planted our first Live Oak tree.

In 1983 we purchased a small house on Alexander Street in the Heights. After 12 years, we purchased land on 26th Street to provide much-needed space. For several years, we met at SSQQ, a dance studio owned by a friend. The Meeting continued to grow in numbers and spiritual depth.

During the late 1990s, our dream of a new meeting house began to take shape, when James Turrell, a Quaker artist, was informed of our plans. He created the Skyspace, an installation that became the centerpiece of our new meeting house. Many contributors from the wider community helped to make our dream come true.