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As an unprogrammed meeting, Live Oak Friends Meeting has no paid staff. Our community depends on our members and attenders to create a lively, well-functioning structure that supports us all in our spiritual growth.

Committees provide a way to minister to each other and to the larger community. A committee meeting is an opportunity to worship together as well as a way to plan and carry out service for the Meeting. Each committee has varying time expectations, each addresses specific needs, and each calls upon different interests and gifts.

* With the exception of the three marked with an asterisk, these opportunities and committee memberships are open to everyone. Due to the nature of the work of these committees, Care and Concern, Finance, and Nominating committees are open to Meeting members only.

Adult Religious Education (AREC)

organizes adult education and discussion groups Sunday mornings and other times as interest indicates.

*Care and Concern

attends to the general well-being and functioning of the Meeting as a whole; helps those who have specific needs such as the grieving, the sick, the aged and the geographically isolated; helps facilitate the resolution of issues within the meeting; and arranges clearness committees for membership, marriage and personal concerns under the care of the meeting.

Children’s Religious Education (CREC)

organizes and oversees children’s spiritual development on Sunday mornings.

Communication and Outreach (C&O)

facilitates internal communications within the meeting via website, web calendar, social media and e-news; provides information to new attenders and the general public about Quakers and Quakerism in general and Live Oak Friends Meeting in particular through publications, outreach booths, and arranging speakers when requested.


oversees the financial obligations of the meeting.


Hospitality organizes fellowship times, plans special activities/events, arranges hosting for out of town guests, oversees docents and scheduler. On hold during COVID


manages the library in the Little House and the rotating library cart in the prefunction room.


considers the gifts and leadings of members and attenders in order to to serve the Meeting as committee clerks and in other leadership positions.

Peace and Social Action (PASA)

helps individuals and the Meeting as a whole channel Quaker testimonies into action in the larger community.


considers long term needs of the meeting including changes to buildings and grounds. It is composed of a representative of each of the other committees.


manages maintenance and other physical needs of building and grounds.

Worship and Ministry (W&M)

nurtures the spiritual life of the Meeting community and the individuals who participate in it and plans retreats and workshops.