The Peaceable Kingdom Paintings & Edward Hicks

During Adult First Day School, both in the meetinghouse and online, Chris Drexler will lead us on safari through the Peaceable Kingdom…
We will be investigating the 1827 schism that produced the Hicksite/Orthodox split in Quakerism as seen through the Peaceable Kingdom paintings of Edward Hicks.
Before examining his paintings from different dates, the backstory of how the eventual Hicksite and Orthodox perspectives developed will be considered in some detail. Next the main iconography Hicks used will be discussed and finally we will examine examples of his Peaceable Kingdom paintings from different eras to see how he responded to the developing schism.
At the end of the presentation, we will consider one of his paintings and try to place it in its historical position – just for fun.
The presentation will be available via Zoom with shared-screen access. Friends are encouraged to share their perspectives on the early Quaker history that will be outlined as a lead-in to the discussion of Hick’s paintings.


Aug 07 2022


9:20 am - 10:20 am


1318 West 26th Street Houston

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