Wednesday Evening Meeting for Worship

Wednesday evening meetings begin with discussion from 7 till 8 pm, followed by Silent Worship from 8 to 8:30.
Discussion topics vary but they have been guided by the following schedule.

  • 1st Wednesday: Quaker Dialogues, We quietly consider and then respond to verbal queries that help us more deeply explore our spirituality and become more closely connected with the others in the group. Quaker Dialogues have been a richly fulfilling experience for many of us.
  • 2nd Wednesday: Music. We play and discuss favorite recordings. We have even shared our own live performances.
  • 3rd Wednesday: Potluck and Poetry Night. We used to bring food and meet in person in the Little House and bring a written source of inspiration to share, including writings of our own. Thanks to COVID, until further notice, we will share our written inspirations online via Zoom and look forward to a time when we feel safe to gather for potlucks in person.
  • 4th Wednesday: Books. We choose books to read and discuss. Recent examples include: Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me, Parker Palmer’s A Hidden Wholeness and Christopher Goodchild’s Unclouded by Longing: Meditations on Autism and Being Present in an Overwhelming World. Currently we are reading Caste by Isabel Wilkerson.

We feel free to depart from this schedule. We often begin by sharing recent events of our lives, and when new attenders visit, we might discuss the fundamentals of Quaker history and the practice of silent worship. Another tradition has been to consult a book of inspiring quotations for each day of the year compiled by Leo Tolstoy.