Save a Life, Sponsor a Family from Ukraine

Join us on Sunday, May 12 at 9:20am to hear a special Zoom presentation by North America for Ukraine (NA4U), a volunteer-led organization that works to help Ukrainians seeking refuge connect with approved Americans who can sponsor them.

It has been two years since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and millions of Ukranians still face the daily threat of violence, as well as freezing temperatures, inadequate shelter, heat and other supplies. Thousands of families have been forced to leave everything behind in search of safety and tens of thousands more are waiting for the opportunity.

There are two ways you can help Ukrainian families through sponsorship:

  1. A paper-sponsor is someone who only submits the paperwork to USCIS while the refugee lives with a verified host, usually a family member or friend.

  2. A hosting sponsor provides accommodations and assistance with travel and filing necessary paperwork. Ukrainians are eligible to work immediately upon arrival and realistically may need housing support for 3-6 months while they establish themselves.

NA4U has proudly helped thousands of families connect with sponsors but we are in dire need of more.

Click here for North America for Ukraine Zoom Presentation

Learn more at

Reach out to us at  or on Facebook: NorthAmericaforUkraine.


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May 12 2024


9:20 am - 10:20 am


LIve Oak Friends Meeting, 1318 West 26th St., Houston, TX 77008


Live Oak Friends Meeting, 1318 West 26th St., Houston, TX 77008

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